What are Consumer Electronics?

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This term gets thrown around a lot. “Consumer electronics.” But that is rarely defined for the average person to know what it means. There are several different kinds of consumer electronics. All the term means is that it is designed for individuals to use regularly.

There are a variety of electronics that fit into this category. The obvious ones that come to mind are computers and televisions. However, someone may be surprised to learn that even their phones and cameras are considered consumer electronics.


There are a variety of phones out on the market these days. The term “smartphone” was coined after the introduction of the iPhone started a revolution in the industry. Users were able to do a host of other activities, and today phones are rarely used for talking and are used for much more texting, Instagramming, and snapping photos.


The evolution of the smartphone eventually led to the tablet. What first seemed like a strange mix between a laptop and an iPhone turned out to be quite entertaining. Tablets these days allow their user to enjoy movies, music, and a ton of other activities. There are even attachable keyboards that turn these touchscreen devices into little mini-laptops.


The desktop computer is certainly a consumer electronic device. These devices are utilized by businesses in office buildings, and the world of PC gaming has taken off in the last decade or so and there are a large number of machines that are designed to be able to withstand the tough graphics that are produced by the top games these days. But perhaps the most popular use for the desktop is still the offices in which they are used so frequently still these days. There are a large number of desktops designed for office use, which are more than capable of successfully carrying out all the tasks that the offices of today


The first commercially available laptop, the IBM Special Computer APL Machine Portable, a mouthful of a name, premiered in September of 1975.  The laptop has since become a staple of business and entertainment in the United States and around the world. Two of the main platforms available today include the Macbook designed by Apple, and the Windows PCs, which are designed by a large variety of manufacturers.


Televisions have come a long way recently. There are a large number of available options that people can choose from. Some of the latest choices include the 4K models, whose screens show an astonishing 4096 x 2160 resolution. The name 4K comes from the fact that the screen’s resolution is around 4,000 pixels. The way to get the most out of these screens is actually by sitting closer. The more the screen fills up our field of vision the more our eyes will notice the difference between these screens and their predecessors.


The most popular electronic among creatives is sometimes the camera. There are different kinds, including point and shoot digital cameras, DSLR cameras, and film cameras. These different cameras that are available give the potential photographer a lot to choose from. These days DSLR cameras are the most popular among photographers, who appreciate the added customization and creativity they allow for as well as their ability to easily transfer large amounts of photos to a hard drive and distribute them to a client.

Electronics are one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days, and they also allow for a number of people to efficiently conduct business on a daily basis. Learning the latest about these types of electronics is crucial to understanding the latest trends in the industry.