The Best Apps for Smartphones

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One of the best things how to spy on a cell phone for free download about using a smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone, Android, etc. are the apps that are available to be used on these different phones. The App Store, for iPhone users, is one of the most exciting things to browse through. There are paid apps, ones that are free, and all sorts of fun things to look for and have fun with.

Counting down the top 5 apps is no easy feat. There are a variety of different categories, such as games, music, and travel. A variety of apps are for available for virtually any purpose.


While this app and the company have received some criticism from certain musicians for the way it distributes pay to the musicians whose music gets listened to, it also has given legal access to music for the music lovers around the world. It also is a great platform for musicians to start to get their name out there. The point is that Spotify gets music

Words with Friends

This is a favorite app of many iPhone users. One of the most famous board games has been turned into a game for smartphones, where players can challenge their friends in a unique take on the board game Scrabble. Users can login through Facebook and challenge their friends that way. This is also a game that has more benefits than just entertainment. The player attempts to create words using 7 tiles, each of which contains a letter. Play is done on a turn by turn basis, and those who are


This social media platform really has changed the social media game. Instagram is a simple, cleaner version of other social media sites that focuses more on the photographs that are submitted by its users. Traditionally, these photos were submitted in the form of a square, and were supposedly submitted instantly. But the app gives users a chance to freely use their profile to showcase their photography, share about an event they are doing, or just submit pictures of family.

Instagram has actually created quite a following for people who have been able to create a business and brand name out of their profile. All sorts of entrepreneurs, from mountain climbers, to artists, to photographers have been able to build a name for themselves and in some cases even get sponsored, thanks to the exposure that Instagram was able to provide for them.


This one should go without saying, but the most popular platform for watching movies is also available in app form, which virtually turns anyone’s phone into a small television. This apps is an enormous convenience for users who are looking to maximize their experience with their phone by catching up on their favorite television shows or the new movie releases that Netflix has picked up on. Being able to connect to WiFi, login, and get started streaming is a huge benefit to smartphone users.


The most exciting way to get around town has been in the news a lot lately. The whole process revolves around the app, and with the App Uber’s drivers are able to locate those who are looking for a ride. Uber users can even narrow down the car that picks them up by selecting whether it’s an SUV or a luxury car. The Uber app provides jobs to many quality drivers who are able to get people safely across town. It also provides a safe way home for those who may be drinking at a bar or restaurant and don’t have a designated driver. With all of these benefits is no wonder that Uber is one of the best apps available on smartphones.